The technology behind web design and hosting is not common sense and most users find it difficult to understand the terminologies used. While settling for a plan most users base their decision on price since it is the commonly understood feature. However, the most important feature that should guide any user on the plan to consider is bandwidth. 

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth can be defined as the amount of information a single website can dispatch to users/visitors within a stipulated period. Web hosting allows the accessibility of websites by users but then the servers that host the said website need bandwidth to share information with guests who visit the site. The amount of bandwidth required to load web pages is dependent on the number of visitors coming to the site. More bandwidth is important for websites with more content, audios and videos. 

What is the importance of bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a great determinant of how well your website functions; if you have many visitors coming to your site and the content therein is heavy, the visitors might experience low speed in loading content or some content does not load at all. 

While choosing a plan for your web hosting, make sure you understand the amount of bandwidth attached to it. This is because web servers that web hosting providers use are very powerful and can supply enough bandwidth to the users. However, you have to be sure what the terms and conditions are before you buy a given plan. 

Think of how you feel when you visit a site that is loading slowly, you see that exact feeling you get, that’s exactly what your visitors feel when they visit your site and it is slow, leave alone not loading at all. This means you have lost visitors who would have been considered as recurrent guests to your site. So be sure about the bandwidth your web-hosting plan provides before purchasing it.

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