Web hosting is a support service offered in maintenance and managing of the physical servers behind the website we visit every day. Realistically speaking, the internet exists physically because all websites depend on the different files and software that supports their existence.

When you browse on the internet and get access to various websites, you are only interacting with an end product. A website is made up of very many little pieces of services. It gets real to you when you are now the owner of the website and are now interacting with the different parts that make your website visible to the world. 

Web-hosting companies house all the files that enable the sites to be visible to viewers. The companies have mega warehouses that act as a shelter to very powerful web servers that comprise the different files that hosts websites. The servers hold together the files and allow the technicalities involved in ensuring the files are easily accessible to the viewers just by a click of the URL from their browsers. 

Generally speaking, web hosting is more of a background thing and it is not a subject of common sense.Most people do not understand web hosting especially if all they do is browse through pages. This is a subject that is only understood by people who run websites or those whose line of work necessitates them to understand web hosting. 

Even for website owners, there is nothing much for you to do as far as web hosting is concerned. Once you have chosen the right web hosting service provider and a proper plan, all you need to do is make sure your account is updated. The rest of the work will be done by your provider to ensure your viewers access your site anytime. 

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