Empowering Social Housing Providers with Seamless IT Support

Picture a world where housing associations get the reliable, efficient, and innovative IT solutions they need, with friendly advice about the ever-changing IT landscape always at their fingertips.

We provide social housing IT services that bring a fresh perspective to managed IT and cyber security. We believe in building partnerships, not dictatorships, in our services.

We’re not just a service provider; we’re an extension of your team. We understand the unique IT challenges you face because we’ve got significant experience working with the housing sector. Our focus is on delivering real business value and enhancing the experience for your service users.

At spireMinds, we’re confident in our ability to help housing associations innovate, transform, and deliver smart, connected, and secure services to those who need it most. We’re here to support your mission within any budget or operational constraints.

You’re doing the life-changing work, and we’re here to have your back.

How We Support Housing Associations

  • Cyber Security: When it comes to cyber security, we customize our services to fit your risk profile and organizational needs. If you’re seeking professional, practical, and proven risk mitigation management and advice from expert information security specialists, spireMinds has you covered.
  • Legacy Infrastructure & Applications: Managing outdated IT infrastructure can be challenging for housing associations, given budget constraints or hesitancy to implement new systems. At spireMinds, our expert team is here to revitalize your infrastructure, enhancing its efficiency and security while keeping costs in check.
  • Data Management: We ensure the security of your backup data by storing it in certified data centers that adhere to EU safe harbor principles. Looking to adopt a cloud-first strategy? We can help with services like Azure, AWS, or Microsoft 365, enabling centralized data management ideal for the modern workplace.
  • Service Integration: Dealing with too many IT solutions, vendors, and services at once can lead to supplier sprawl. Our service integration solution takes that burden off your shoulders, providing single-contact accountability and ensuring all your suppliers collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.