• 1 Product Photo On White background
  • 1 InfoGraphic (content & layout idea to be provided)

Selling online is highly competitive and you have but a few seconds to capture the attention of your customer. So, having great and beautiful pictures of your product on your page is a must. It makes your customers feel confident and happy to buy your product.

What we will do:

  • 1 Product Photo on White background.
  • 1 Infographic. (content & layout idea to be provided)

One High-Resolution photo as your first picture of your product in its entirety. (The client must supply product)

One Infographic based on a previously agreed design. (Content of the infographic to be provided by the client).

End Delivery:

  • One Photo.
  • One Infographic.

(As part of the general license) Client will provide an email address to send the final product to and will accept the use of their product for the promotional use by spireMinds Ltd.


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